Generally, people opt for courses, which they can rely on in future to earn them comfortable living. However, there are times when one needs to study for four to five years and acquire a degree certificate, hoping to make a career in that field. It would be wise to choose a course, which you are interested and make it your profession rather than following what the world is doing.

Mark Antman is the co-owner and co-founder of one of the most prestigious and best imagery studio in the New York, which is named as ‘The Image Works’. He studied chemistry and biology from the famous New York University and was on his way to become a doctor. However, while he was in college, he recognized his fervour for photography. Many people might know by now that he is not any art course graduate rather he has his degree in chemistry and biology.

Without any doubt he had a clear passion for the science subjects, but inevitably he had more passion for photography. While studying at the New York University he was working at a part time job, as a photo journalist for many journals. It was in this part time job that Mark Antman nurtured his true passion for art in a bigger way. While he was already in love with art and photography, he still continued and finished his graduation, which shows how much he values education.

To hone his knowledge and skills about photography he took part in several competitions. He started winning some contests and made a big name and people started recognizing his works through these contests. It was in one of these contests, where he met Alan Carey. Both were on the same wave length and soon they opened an art studio ‘The Image Works’ in the year 1983. That was the time, when Mark Antman just returned from France, where he worked as a photojournalist for a decade.

It was in the year 2001, when Alan retired from ‘The Image Works’ and Antman took all the responsibility. He became the sole owner of the company and continued to work there. His skills were not limited to the studio rather he worked as an individual photographer too. He also works as a photographer for wedding, birthday and other events. It was his passion, which brought him to this photography field, but because of his skills he is on the top.


If you are buying directed narrow piece Lights don’t overlook your power provide. directed Strip Lights rely on a peripheral unit called a power provide, also mentioned to as a transformer or person driving, which is required to make them work.

Power supplies arrive in many shapes and dimensions, ranging from very basic ‘plug and play’ units to commercial method transformers which can be hardwired into your mains supply. You will furthermore hear these power provision mentioned to as ‘transformers.’ This is because as well as driving the directed narrow piece Lights these units are conceived to change’ the mains 230V AC to a led lights reduced voltage 12V DC thus making the provide applicable to the strip lights.

There are a couple of concerns you need to make when it arrives to choosing the kind of power supply you need.

foremost, do you want to be able to close into a wall socket, or are you planning to hardwire your directed narrow piece Lights into a lightweight switch?

If the response to the previous inquiry is ‘yes’ then you will need a benchmark ‘plug and play’ driver. This is the most rudimentary provide available and permits quick and very simple setup for benchmark household applications by a partition plug power source. The entire unit consists of a very dark transformer, a kettle-lead with a benchmark UK mains 3-prong plug and a 12V male connector which attaches to the directed Strip by a corresponding female connector. The entire unit nearly resembles a lap peak charger and is about 2 metres in length.